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Welcome to our character Shop

Here you can sell or buy characters using Premium Points, to play on our server.

If you want to sell your characters make login on your account. If no character is shown it means that your account does not have characters allowed for sale.
Rules to sell:
  • Your account can not be banned.
  • Your character must be at least level 50

Currently there are no characters for sale

Monster of the Week Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Players Online
Top Experience
1 - Estilingue Shot
1 (209), Royal Paladin
2 - Ekaut
1 (207), Elder Druid
3 - Tutztutzquerover
1 (206), Elder Druid
4 - Fryzor
1 (204), Elder Druid
5 - Ygritte
1 (204), Royal Paladin