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World Information
Status: Online
Players Casting: 431

Currently This Server is the only with a unique system of broadcasting game in the current time. System is based on an official TibiaCast.

You can enter a live stream by login into the game without entering any account number and password. Just don't write anything in those 2 fields and just press enter. A list of all available casts will appear shortly and you choose the one you would like to watch. After login into the cast, you can talk with other audiences and a person that is broadcasting.

To make your own broadcast, you must login to your account and use a command /cast on.

Full command list can be found below.

Players Casting [ A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z ]
OutfitName[sort] Level[sort] Vocation[sort] Spectators
Abobora Verde42Knight0/50
Acko179Elite Knight0/50
Aecio Neves8Paladin0/50
Afoba Nao Soww218Royal Paladin0/50
Aka Ryuu152Master Sorcerer0/50
Akatsuki125Master Sorcerer0/50
Aliciador179Elite Knight0/50
Ana Carolina189Elder Druid0/50
Ancap210Royal Paladin0/50
Anitta98Elite Knight0/50
Antonino29Elder Druid0/50
Apocalipse135Elite Knight0/50
Araqnideo Maan125Master Sorcerer0/50
Areucas79Elder Druid0/50
Armlock Voador174Elder Druid0/50
Arthurzin Ducarai223Master Sorcerer0/50
Ashyl108Elder Druid0/50
Awk Vem Afobado175Elder Druid0/50
Axel Buddha229Elite Knight0/50
Axeropita154Royal Paladin0/50
Baiano Mito134Royal Paladin0/50
Barao Maupertuis8Druid0/50
Bellatryx168Elder Druid0/50
Bglh Xdflysd62Master Sorcerer0/50
Biel Fireindhole55Druid0/50
Bishop Heahmund171Master Sorcerer0/50
Bitandhold260Royal Paladin0/50
Bjorn141Elite Knight0/50
Black Coffe156Master Sorcerer0/50
Black Rose173Elder Druid0/50
Blessed Boy145Elite Knight0/50
Blood Eyes199Master Sorcerer0/50
Bolado68Master Sorcerer0/50
Bonafont130Elite Knight0/50
Box Bro198Elder Druid0/50
Braykan239Elder Druid0/50
Breaking Beattz202Elder Druid0/50
Brenzolino Nato111Master Sorcerer0/50
Bronn143Royal Paladin0/50
Buyit104Master Sorcerer0/50
Cabernet Yep150Royal Paladin0/50
Cabuloso153Master Sorcerer0/50
Cafajeste130Elder Druid0/50
Caminhoneiro60Royal Paladin0/50
Cancer147Master Sorcerer0/50
Carneiro111Elder Druid0/50
Cavalero191Master Sorcerer0/50
Cebolacov226Elder Druid0/50
Cemmais Cemmenos185Elder Druid0/50
Check Addonzero8Druid0/50
Chemical Surf108Master Sorcerer0/50
Chernobyl171Elite Knight0/50
Chipanze Reumatico128Elite Knight0/50
Chloe Decker193Royal Paladin0/50
Chupy My Billow94Master Sorcerer0/50
Churulipa166Master Sorcerer0/50
Churupita238Elder Druid0/50
Citywar Go146Elite Knight0/50
Colombia52Royal Paladin0/50
Comadre Midnight139Master Sorcerer0/50
Compadre Jeff106Master Sorcerer0/50
Copyright167Elite Knight0/50
Coronel Archer219Royal Paladin0/50
Coronel Vidaloka225Elite Knight0/50
Cracudao Domangui120Master Sorcerer0/50
Crash Wicked216Elder Druid0/50
Cronors Rdwindow137Elder Druid0/50
Croowley Punch204Master Sorcerer0/50
Cruel Tyleni166Elite Knight0/50
Curzon77Elder Druid0/50
Czech149Elder Druid0/50
Da Rajada181Master Sorcerer0/50
Demolidor149Master Sorcerer0/50
Desbravator144Elite Knight0/50
Desk193Elder Druid0/50
Deusz Soprapk30Sorcerer0/50
Dias Toffoli8Druid0/50
Djow Bala250Elder Druid0/50
Doctor Drins71Royal Paladin0/50
Dom Alcapone142Elite Knight0/50
Dont Have Heart107Elder Druid0/50
Dorflex209Royal Paladin0/50
Dorisa Paraskos201Elder Druid0/50
Downy185Elder Druid0/50
Dracarys147Elder Druid0/50
Drake Horse168Elite Knight0/50
Draker186Royal Paladin0/50
Druid Alah171Elder Druid0/50
Druidzinha Sex105Elder Druid0/50
Dwight188Elder Druid0/50
Dzeko132Elder Druid0/50
Eclipse Neverdie186Elder Druid0/50
Edlinda151Elder Druid0/50
Ekaut230Elder Druid0/50
Elite Loney212Elite Knight0/50
Elite Safadown183Elite Knight0/50
Empinador De Fusca126Elite Knight0/50
Error Not Found72Druid0/50
Eszeuwol74Elder Druid0/50
Eternal Flames161Master Sorcerer0/50
Eu Sou Lucas12Sorcerer0/50
Evil Morty100Elder Druid0/50
Extreme Punch169Elder Druid0/50
Ezequiel Boladao35Druid0/50
Ezin Milgrau147Elder Druid0/50
Fahad160Elite Knight0/50
Fake206Royal Paladin0/50
Far East Movement218Elite Knight0/50
Fiih Dumcabrunco194Royal Paladin0/50
Fish Ball Cat51Elder Druid0/50
Fla Menguista225Elder Druid0/50
Flatronez264Royal Paladin0/50
Fndo177Elite Knight0/50
Formigao Bombado25Elite Knight0/50
Fox Toguro186Royal Paladin0/50
Frinzer161Elder Druid0/50
Fryzor228Elder Druid0/50
Fumo Trevo232Master Sorcerer0/50
Gakatos149Elder Druid0/50
Galadriel Lothlorz212Royal Paladin0/50
Galileu Galilei205Elder Druid0/50
Gandalf Tharkun106Master Sorcerer0/50
Gordo Insano154Master Sorcerer0/50
Gota Serena192Elite Knight0/50
Gremistaa212Elder Druid0/50
Gryfnor102Royal Paladin0/50
Gunz Maverick166Elder Druid0/50
Gute Seele184Master Sorcerer0/50
Hang Loose120Master Sorcerer0/50
Haxixe Com Tabac187Elder Druid0/50
Hazarkz221Elder Druid0/50
Henzen Dygo190Master Sorcerer0/50
Hiihoo124Elder Druid0/50
Hiquezor164Master Sorcerer0/50
Hitt Monstro165Royal Paladin0/50
Holly Legend169Royal Paladin0/50
Hond Strike152Elite Knight0/50
Hooha121Elite Knight0/50
Hxbl Ferlmand8Druid0/50
Imagina Eu181Elder Druid0/50
Ingnore Slow179Elite Knight0/50
Invoker140Elder Druid0/50
Its Me Jota49Elder Druid0/50
Izar Lothbrok199Elite Knight0/50
Jackey Love225Elder Druid0/50
Jasper Bronckz180Royal Paladin0/50
Java Script213Royal Paladin0/50
Jax Teller180Master Sorcerer0/50
Jc Back163Elite Knight0/50
Jeezy185Elder Druid0/50
Jeff Putastronda186Royal Paladin0/50
Jhontex132Elite Knight0/50
John Wiick195Royal Paladin0/50
Jorgim169Elder Druid0/50
Juhhz191Royal Paladin0/50
Jumento cego162Elite Knight0/50
Jwlystha Wanms235Elder Druid0/50
Kaah Araujo58Master Sorcerer0/50
Kaah Is Back30Druid0/50
Kadilac254Royal Paladin0/50
Kakashi232Elder Druid0/50
Kamarov Druid156Elder Druid0/50
Kanaite154Elite Knight0/50
Katarina Pancadao228Elder Druid0/50
Katia Fire212Master Sorcerer0/50
Kazuczny Ondruinck209Elder Druid0/50
Kent Komeu196Elder Druid0/50
Khal Drogo284Elder Druid0/50
Kill Aii Pll30Druid0/50
Kill All Pli30Druid0/50
Kimberly Magnus201Royal Paladin0/50
Kinaite Noiafull17Knight0/50
Kinanox82Elite Knight0/50
Kinaofweed184Elite Knight0/50
King Blaad180Elder Druid0/50
King Master130Elite Knight0/50
King Of Night152Master Sorcerer0/50
Kingz219Elder Druid0/50
Knight Of The Flames177Elite Knight0/50
Knightgreen159Elite Knight0/50
Kristo220Elder Druid0/50
Kylo Boladao136Elder Druid0/50
Lady Lyah218Elite Knight0/50
Lady Mixx234Elder Druid0/50
Lannister Neverdie171Elder Druid0/50
Leader Of War113Elite Knight0/50
Lhy Shooter229Royal Paladin0/50
Lil Uzi Vert203Elder Druid0/50
Lmz Neverdie221Elder Druid0/50
Lord Constantine114Master Sorcerer0/50
Lord Krauser179Royal Paladin0/50
Lord Rafex155Elder Druid0/50
Lord Samsungi87Sorcerer0/50
Lovezin Camisadez150Elder Druid0/50
Lucao Brutoman145Elder Druid0/50
Lucas194Elder Druid0/50
Lucas Eu Sou12Sorcerer0/50
Lucas Maluko135Elder Druid0/50
Lucas Prazer12Sorcerer0/50
Lucas Sou Eu12Sorcerer0/50
Lucifer156Elder Druid0/50
Lucky Fox145Elite Knight0/50
Luizao Ed155Elder Druid0/50
Luizdashow157Elder Druid0/50
Lula Livree189Royal Paladin0/50
Lynex28Elder Druid0/50
Machinho Da Mamae168Elder Druid0/50
Maggie140Elder Druid0/50
Magico Maldito134Elder Druid0/50
Majestic Druid198Elder Druid0/50
Major Lazer151Elder Druid0/50
Mal Criado154Master Sorcerer0/50
Maneco160Elder Druid0/50
Maradona126Elite Knight0/50
Marechal176Elder Druid0/50
Maria138Master Sorcerer0/50
Mariaah161Elder Druid0/50
Marinheiro Jilo190Master Sorcerer0/50
Marolado Do Guet30Knight0/50
Marymoon225Royal Paladin0/50
Master Kill176Elite Knight0/50
Master Vcom160Master Sorcerer0/50
Mata Tudo83Master Sorcerer0/50
Matador De Onca164Elder Druid0/50
Mateus Delaegua157Elder Druid0/50
Mateus Souza158Elder Druid0/50
Mazdax Neverdie212Elite Knight0/50
Mega Funk126Elder Druid0/50
Megazord180Elder Druid0/50
Messiah194Elder Druid0/50
Mestre Mihagui69Master Sorcerer0/50
Michas163Elite Knight0/50
Mineiro200Elder Druid0/50
Minister Ek174Elite Knight0/50
Mitzore176Elder Druid0/50
Mohassus Hurthea126Elder Druid0/50
Molkord72Elite Knight0/50
Mopa200Elder Druid0/50
Ms Do Mal176Master Sorcerer0/50
Ms War Go157Master Sorcerer0/50
Murcha116Elder Druid0/50
Mutchatcho128Elite Knight0/50
Naerex Flame Xix54Druid0/50
Najila Trindade215Royal Paladin0/50
Najlepszy Gracz117Elder Druid0/50
Naxtrom184Elite Knight0/50
Ned Umber185Elder Druid0/50
Nedved157Elder Druid0/50
Neonex Neverdie201Master Sorcerer0/50
Nepthus114Elder Druid0/50
Netozera Rush199Elder Druid0/50
Neviel Likeaboss197Master Sorcerer0/50
Nordestino Cometu78Elder Druid0/50
Not Nave Nands65Elder Druid0/50
Notorious Seba97Master Sorcerer0/50
Noturna195Elder Druid0/50
Nyggan198Elite Knight0/50
Oh Monstro Puni144Master Sorcerer0/50
Oh Monstro Puniiu78Elder Druid0/50
Oh Monstro Puniu137Master Sorcerer0/50
Oh Monstro Punni128Elder Druid0/50
Oie Aqui29Sorcerer0/50
Olumor166Master Sorcerer0/50
Onebor83Master Sorcerer0/50
Opala Seiscaneco136Elite Knight0/50
Open The Tchecka53Master Sorcerer0/50
Owlosione Cialo92Master Sorcerer0/50
Padija208Elder Druid0/50
Pai Do Henry154Elite Knight0/50
Palaazika235Royal Paladin0/50
Paladin Tankfull165Royal Paladin0/50
Paladino Pinto210Royal Paladin0/50
Pana Infernal237Royal Paladin0/50
Paparazzone157Royal Paladin0/50
Paralyze It90Elder Druid0/50
Paralyze Neverdie181Elder Druid0/50
Parseculo Pally197Royal Paladin0/50
Pastor185Elder Druid0/50
Pavouk Zastavil208Elder Druid0/50
Pavouk Zastevil44Druid0/50
Phode120Royal Paladin0/50
Phoenix165Royal Paladin0/50
Pirikita Voadora171Elite Knight0/50
Piru Du Futuro209Elder Druid0/50
Pither Crash211Elite Knight0/50
Poeta208Elder Druid0/50
Pomba Rola159Elite Knight0/50
Poruun189Royal Paladin0/50
Pow Kazwe10Paladin0/50
Powerblack173Master Sorcerer0/50
Poxa Vida Em Uow130Elder Druid0/50
Prazer Lucas12Sorcerer0/50
Psicopata140Elite Knight0/50
Pull Diagonally194Royal Paladin0/50
Purple Haze224Elder Druid0/50
Puta Veia Again126Elder Druid0/50
Puta Veia Return164Master Sorcerer0/50
Puto Donald185Elder Druid0/50
Pvpdebaiak182Elder Druid0/50
Pwoback Rox128Paladin0/50
Pwrf154Elder Druid0/50
Quero Addon109Knight0/50
Ragnar Lodbrok140Elder Druid0/50
Rashvil Pathocz73Elder Druid0/50
Rasken Nasherush76Elder Druid0/50
Rawyel162Royal Paladin0/50
Reexpeeita Ishoow112Elder Druid0/50
Regina Case119Elder Druid0/50
Renoster184Elite Knight0/50
Revoltz131Elite Knight0/50
Ricardito140Elder Druid0/50
Rick Tranquilidade222Elder Druid0/50
Rizeryk Powac167Elite Knight0/50
Rodrigol Platinado49Elder Druid0/50
Rosa Cruz132Elder Druid0/50
Rush Kamarov128Master Sorcerer0/50
Rush Makarov89Master Sorcerer0/50
Sabotage179Elder Druid0/50
Sagaz Nas Magia120Elder Druid0/50
Sanelyy207Master Sorcerer0/50
Sanguinarioed95Elder Druid0/50
Sanguinariorp56Royal Paladin0/50
Saskuate227Royal Paladin0/50
Satanaas174Master Sorcerer0/50
Saya Kuroki84Master Sorcerer0/50
Saymox Unoclick156Elite Knight0/50
Scandaloulz172Master Sorcerer0/50
Scobar71Elder Druid0/50
Scofield214Royal Paladin0/50
Se Foi182Elder Druid0/50
Searcy130Royal Paladin0/50
Sedziwoj167Master Sorcerer0/50
Sekidruid133Master Sorcerer0/50
Selvagem218Elder Druid0/50
Seromontis138Elite Knight0/50
Seward198Elder Druid0/50
Sex Female174Elder Druid0/50
Shade The Night187Elite Knight0/50
Shinnoby Gaidden204Royal Paladin0/50
Sir Affezin150Royal Paladin0/50
Sir Knight Skull123Elite Knight0/50
Sirius Black150Master Sorcerer0/50
Skeleto Humano177Elite Knight0/50
Skollz Star141Elder Druid0/50
Sky Archer156Royal Paladin0/50
Slaash199Elder Druid0/50
Smile Again180Elder Druid0/50
Smile Eokhauzs110Elder Druid0/50
Sob Custodia200Royal Paladin0/50
Soldier Altered205Elder Druid0/50
Soldier Side161Royal Paladin0/50
Soled By Me104Sorcerer0/50
Son Of Zeus204Royal Paladin0/50
Sonyc182Elite Knight0/50
Sonyczinhuu218Elder Druid0/50
Sorvete De Vomito8Sorcerer0/50
Sou Eu Lucas12Sorcerer0/50
Sou Lucas12Sorcerer0/50
Sparrow Hawk204Royal Paladin0/50
Stookey134Master Sorcerer0/50
Stop Crying153Elder Druid0/50
Street160Elite Knight0/50
Sturty Liro50Royal Paladin0/50
Szanuj Szefa226Royal Paladin0/50
Tacador De Mw52Master Sorcerer0/50
Tank Shot224Elite Knight0/50
Targaryen Neverdie155Master Sorcerer0/50
Technical Hitch182Royal Paladin0/50
Techuto Portras204Elite Knight0/50
Teodoro97Master Sorcerer0/50
Terrorzao158Elder Druid0/50
Teu Urso164Master Sorcerer0/50
The Unforgiven144Master Sorcerer0/50
Thorian Maximus211Elder Druid0/50
Thypex189Royal Paladin0/50
Ti Grilo161Elder Druid0/50
Tinin Neverdie213Elder Druid0/50
To Na Sua Cave159Master Sorcerer0/50
Toca Branca196Master Sorcerer0/50
Tomale Rola207Elder Druid0/50
Tona Treta93Master Sorcerer0/50
Toneri Neverdie194Elder Druid0/50
Top Bcity211Elder Druid0/50
Trem Bala Do Rio217Elder Druid0/50
Tribet Light186Elder Druid0/50
Truecaller Majk20Royal Paladin0/50
Tutztutzquerover253Elder Druid0/50
Ubbe164Royal Paladin0/50
Urashiki129Royal Paladin0/50
Valar Dohaeris171Elder Druid0/50
Valar Morghulis172Royal Paladin0/50
Vamo Dale27Elite Knight0/50
Vem Tranquilo236Elite Knight0/50
Venge Diesarie168Master Sorcerer0/50
Viicteron Owned248Master Sorcerer0/50
Vini Morningstar203Royal Paladin0/50
Vinii Neverdie225Elder Druid0/50
Vitin Da Bikera165Elite Knight0/50
Wantyus138Elite Knight0/50
Warllock113Master Sorcerer0/50
Will186Elite Knight0/50
Wyzzlight185Master Sorcerer0/50
Xaharde132Elite Knight0/50
Xiaomi205Royal Paladin0/50
Xo Tour Life124Elite Knight0/50
Xwlur72Master Sorcerer0/50
Yaro Braveheart220Elder Druid0/50
Ygritte211Royal Paladin0/50
Yordle Comunista126Royal Paladin0/50
Zahrah230Elder Druid0/50
Ze Do Moro14Sorcerer0/50
Ze Pequeno46Druid0/50
Zezo Dos Teclados224Elder Druid0/50
Zika Do Pantano147Royal Paladin0/50
Zoboomafoo174Master Sorcerer0/50
Zulphor Is Back257Elder Druid0/50
Zwersky Payzander99Elder Druid0/50

Currently available commands for spectators:
/show - display the amount of currently active spectators
/name - change your name on chat with player and other spectators
/auth - authenticate to an exisiting cast (required with chat proctetion)

Available commands for streaming players:
/cast on - enables the stream
/cast off - disables the stream
/cast password {password} - sets a password on the stream
/cast password off - disables the password protection
/cast auth on - enables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast auth off - disables requirement of authentication on chat
/cast kick {name} - kick a spectator from your stream
/cast ban {name} - locks spectator IP from joining your stream
/cast unban {name} - removes banishment lock
/cast bans - shows banished spectators list

/cast mute {name} - mutes selected spectator from chat
/cast unmute {name} - removes mute
/cast mutes - shows muted spectators list
/cast show - displays the amount and nicknames of current spectators
/cast status - displays stream status

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Top Experience
1 - Khal Drogo
1 (284), Elder Druid
2 - Flatronez
1 (264), Royal Paladin
3 - Bitandhold
1 (260), Royal Paladin
4 - Zulphor Is Back
1 (257), Elder Druid
5 - Kadilac
1 (254), Royal Paladin